Artists Made Online

Social networking is a trend that everyone gets involve. This allows them to share everything under the sun which includes their thoughts, photos, feelings, experiences and even talents. This showcase their talents, to be known and to be discovered. Artists.Me is the facebook for talented people and budding artists. If you have the talent in writing, music, performing arts, photography, painting, sketches and many others that you think you can stand out among the rest, you are freely to share it to anyone. In addition, it allows you to publish your works to different social networks.

Artists who do not have the guts to perform live on stage can actually post the videos here on Artists.Me. Writers who cannot put their writings on the spreadsheet or the magazines will be given the chance to publish their ideas on this social network. Photographers who have been wanting to display or showcase their works to the world but just do not have the right contacts to hold an exhibit can actually publish their works online. As of now, there are already a few numbers of pages on Artists.Me. The pages contains sketches, drawings, paintings, guides to different kinds of art, pictures of art museums, and a whole lot more. The site is very easy to use; it is not complicated at all because you get to see the buttons in an instant. You can upload photos easily and there is a guide there that will make your uploads very fast and easy. Aside from that, you can also make comments. But artists are not allowed to spam because there is a punishment for that. You can easily invite friends and create groups. Everything is right there on the web site. What sets this social network Artists.Me above all the other social networking sites out there today is that you earn points to become Artists.Me all time stars. It means that people will vote for your works and by getting a lot of votes, you can be one of those all time stars on Artists.Me. With this, you will be challenged to make your works more creative than it usually is, plus you get to enhance your skills better. If you want to listen to the music of the artists, you may easily do so. The gallery of pictures, sketches and the likes has also a very inviting scheme. Aside from that, you get to read very inspirational blog entries from different kinds of people from across the globe

You get what it takes to be one of the artists, log on or sign up to and experience the different level of social networking.

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